When it Comes to Job Searching, Networking is Key

When it comes to job searching, networking is key. Sometimes the saying: “It is not what you know, it is who you know” plays an important role in the job force. Getting to know people and building relationships is vital when building a career. With internship season being right around the corner, here are five tips and tricks of networking!

1. Be genuine

Interviewers and company personnel want to get to know their candidates and build a relationship with them, so it is important to remember that this process is a two-way street. Do not be afraid to show the real you, presenting a fake persona can often come off as a little robotic. Be yourself and be confident; individuals in the workforce can tell when you are being your genuine self!

2. Ask questions and show curiosity

While networking, asking questions and showing interest in the person and their company is vital. With this, it is clear that you care about them and the company they represent. Active listening is extremely important and pays off; no one wants to have a conversation with someone who does not seem interested in the exchange.

3. Use social media to your advantage

This is SO important! Social media is a wonderful platform that provides an opportunity to connect with people that you would never have the chance to in person. You are able to brand yourself in a way that can really portray who you are, your passions, and your motivation! Use LinkedIn to your advantage; connect with peers, colleagues, and leaders because you never know when this could be helpful in the future.

4. Strengths and weaknesses

When networking, focus on your strengths, but also, explain your weaknesses and how you are working to improve upon them! Everyone knows that no one is perfect. Show your awareness of this, and how you are improving on specific things. It’s also so important to emphasize your strengths because if you are networking with the potential employer this could be beneficial to your character and the way that they view you.

5. Passion

Emphasize your passion about what you are involved in and what you care about! Showing pride in these aspects demonstrates drive. Enthusiasm is a powerful thing; it shows that you have the potential to carry pride in their company and…. Passion is a superpower, use it to your advantage and be confident while doing so.

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