How Thanksgiving Ties Into the PR Lifestyle

When it comes to planning a Thanksgiving feast, there are many steps you must take in order to make the evening successful and your company satisfied. The same goes for the world of PR. When there is a crisis at hand, or a new product launching, there are many strategies professionals can take to ultimately come up with the perfect proposal. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or working with one client, the audience has high expectations and pleasing everyone can be tough. Here are some ways to help make these exciting yet, stressful times easier.

Everyone needs a good list. Lists are important during the holidays and especially for Thanksgiving because we can write down all of the ingredients we need for our turkey. In the PR industry, writing down all of our clients’ contact information can help us stay organized. Lists can also be helpful because they keep us on track when we put the things we have to get done in order.

Two things turkey dinner and a new PR campaign have in common is that they can not be successful without teamwork. This Thanksgiving, try to recruit as much help as possible so the weight is not all on your shoulders. The same goes for that new campaign you are working on. You probably cannot land the next big client by yourself and a group effort produces quality results.

Delegation is key. At home, we want help in the kitchen, and at work, we try to do all we can in the conference room; however, sometimes we cannot do everything. It is important to define everyone’s roles. The stress can be eased by nicely asking your uncle to make the sweet potatoes and your coworker to come up with some designs for the proposal. Assigning roles limits mistakes like two relatives bringing the same dish, or sending out a press release too early.

Quality over quantity is what we should strive for. Isn't it better to have a few really good side dishes than a bunch of average ones? Just like those side dishes, in PR we must make quality content. If we want our clients to gain more social media followers, then we must choose a few quality posts over many that aren't as good. If you overload your client’s feed with content, new followers will feel bombarded and quickly press the unfollow button. Similarly, when it is time to eat at Thanksgiving, you must choose the selection of food you want instead of just piling on the helpings and eating just to eat. In dinner and in PR, quality matters more than the quantity.

Try something new at Turkey dinner this year! Don't just put the same mashed potatoes and stuffing on your plate. Sure, classics are great, but it's time to expand your horizons. Try the the potatoes with Rice Krispies on top and put some cranberries on your dinner roll! Changing up your pallet will be refreshing and you will ultimately discover things you never knew you liked! Public relations is an industry that is constantly changing, and therefore, we must change along with it.

Want to try conveying a unique proposal on a new social media platform? Maybe that idea you had in the back of your head can finally be put to use in a creative way.

Remember, if you eat too much at thanksgiving dinner this year do not blame the turkey and sides. Be grateful you had food on your plate this holiday and that you went all in. Similarly, if your proposal fails at work, don't be discouraged or place blame on anyone.

The holidays are a wonderful time to become closer to your family and coworkers! Take this time to enjoy your company, whether it’s around the dinner table or at work, there is always a relationship that could be built upon. Take the time to get to know those around you and remain grateful for everything you have and have accomplished.

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