Micro-Moments Have the Ability to Influence Consumers and Advertisers

People use their smartphones daily to text, tweet, search the web and even make instant purchases. This makes consumers’ lives easier and fast-paced, but it also changes the rules for marketing advertisers. Successful companies must learn how to use mobile advertising to their advantage to understand the needs of their customers.

According to articles from Think with Google, the instinct to pull out a smartphone in order to do something, discover something, watch something or even buy something on the spot is referred to as micro-moments.

Our mobile phones have changed the way consumers and marketers think and act. Micro-moments have allowed consumers to expect things immediately. Whether that be quickly searching to find where the nearest gas station is located or making an online purchase from Amazon to arrive promptly at home two days later, our phones have given consumers access to a world and to split second decision making.

This impacts the way marketers should think and advertise in order to create a stream-less online and offline experience for customers. Consumers use their phone and expect that advertisers will be timely and efficient to show them exactly what they want when they want it. According to Wall Street Journal 69 percent of online consumers agree that the quality, timing, or relevance of a company’s message influence their perception of a brand. For this reason, marketers must generate ideas to grab consumer attention immediately if they want to stay on top.

While this is a recent trend it will be interesting to see how well advertisers can use micro-moments and the digital world to their advantage. During micro-moments consumers are anxious to learn or do something, and it is during those moments that they are susceptible to advertising. If advertisers can adjust their tactics to target consumers while they are already attentive, ads and influences are much more effective and could lead to excellent results for marketers.

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