5 Ways to Look Good Hiking

Springtime, the perfect time to go hiking. What is even better than hiking? Looking good while doing it of course. This fabulous list will help anyone, from beginner to expert, look good and feel good when they hit the trails.

1. Graphic Baseball Cap

Keep the rays from hitting your face with a cute and trendy cap. My favorite is one with a little pizza in the front because literally, who doesn’t always have pizza on their mind?! You don’t even have to spend much to buy a baseball cap; you can find some for really cheap. If you’re crafty you could always go to Michael’s and get a patch to add to your own cap to really show your personality.

2. Sassy Sunglasses

Spice up your hiking trip with fun sunglasses. I recently got a pair at Charlotte Rousse for six dollars. With so many options—round frames, heart frames, cat-eye frames, square frames, colored lens, shiny lens, and so more, there will be one for you. Even if it’s not sunny out these always make you look good and ready for some serious hiking business.

3. Decorated Backpack

Of course, you could carry a plain ole backpack to carry all of your hiking essentials, but this is the easiest opportunity to spice up your look. We all have back packs (if you don’t I’m sorry for my ludicrous assumption.) All you need to have a good lookin’ backpack for your good lookin’ self is some pins! Use them to show your personality. If you are crafty, go buy some puffy paint and go crazy!

4. Decked Out Water Bottle

People loooove slapping stickers on their laptops. Find an old water bottle in need of a makeover and start putting stickers on that. Once you get it covered, take some clear spray paint and seal them down. If you take a break while hiking, peek at those stickers and reminisce about where you collected them. This is both a conversation starter and simply something fun!

5. Crazy High Socks

If you don’t think you need high socks while you hike, you’re wrong. High socks protect your legs from weeds, sticks and any other thing that can hurt you. There are so many cool looking socks available to make your hiking look POP! Stay safe and look good.

Ways to look good while hiking could extend way beyond this list. Before you attempt a hike, make sure to be well rested and hydrated. Getting outside this spring is a great form of self-care and relaxation. At the end of the day, you cannot look good unless you feel good.

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