To most people, Indiana Jones and his outlandish treasure hunts are simply works of fiction. But, there exist people who wish they could go on a similar adventure. What if I told you, you could?

Geocaching is a free app that gives you the locations of different geocaches, hidden boxes containing items, around your geographical area. With the in-app navigational tools, you can explore in your very own city and find hidden gems around every turn. There are 737 geocaches in Athens, Ohio alone, but millions of others worldwide. The prize may not be a treasure chest of gold as you probably hope, but rather little knick-knacks left by strangers who have discovered that box themselves. They probably had the urge to adventure just like you, and this makes any discoveries valuable simply for the journey it took to find them.

If you are looking for a fun weekend activity that will take you away from work or school, head over to Burr Oak Getaways, a perfect place to get away. There you can rent a cabin, go fishing, hiking or even go looking for your first geocache. Burr Oak State Park houses quite a few caches and you only need one thing to get started. Download the Geocache app and your scavenger hunt can begin. You don’t even need your own GPS, the state park offers rentals for all who are interested.

If you decide to take on this quest, don’t forget to write your name in the log left inside each cache. This is important, because you successfully found it and should make sure people know you were there.

Happy geocaching!

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