Why 1804?

When I came to Ohio University this past fall for the first time as a Junior I was completely overwhelmed. Even though I had already done two years of college at a different institution I felt like a freshman all over again. Questions were racing through my mind, what organizations should I join? What really is my major? Do I belong at OU? It took me a little bit to answer those questions but as soon as I figured out the answers and that I had an interest in public relations I decided that I should find organizations that would help me in that field. Within a week I found out about 1804 Communication and applied to join. Joining 1804 has been the best decision that I have made while at OU. So here are four reasons why you should join 1804 too.

1: The amazing people you will meet:

Finding good friends when you first come to school can be a challenge but as soon as I met the wonderful people in 1804 I realized that I had met people that I could truly call my friends. Not only were these people some of the kindest people I have ever met they are also super hard working and extremely passionate about the work we do. Within the firm I found my group, the internal team and was given the chance to cultivate my interest in human relations, but what makes 1804 a unique opportunity is the work we do.

2: Doing real work:

If someone had told me when I came to OU that I would have the opportunity to do real work while within a student organization I would have told them that that would not be possible. 1804 is a unique opportunity for students. We work for 16 real clients and do actual work for them. Being in the internal team I have done work specifically for the firm, but it has given me real world experience that is invaluable and is very similar to an internship.

3: Something to add to your resume:

Unlike an internship this is a student organization but, in some cases, you will do more work than you may as an intern. Putting this experience on my resume has given me a boost in the application and interview process. I am constantly getting asked about 1804 when I speak to employers, professors and even family. The work that I have gotten to do while in 1804 is invaluable and is preparing me to go onto internships and eventually the work force

4: Explore your interests in PR:

There is a lot of work that comes into Public Relations. It is not just one aspect. There is the business side, the creative side, client services and so much more. Being in 1804 has not only allowed me to have the opportunity to explore all of the different departments it has also allowed me to continue to further my growth and interest in PR. I feel more confident than ever in my choice to pursue public relations and communications because of my experience within the firm.

1804 communication has given me the experience of a lifetime. I have been able to grow as a person on a team and individually. The people I have met have taught me so much about Public Relations and have given me a fantastic support system. Not only have I gotten real world experience that I can add to my resume I have also been given the opportunity to find myself in the field. Hopefully joining this team will do the same for you.

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